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If you want your brilliant ideas to be heard you have to be able to communicate. Can you communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms?

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But, I think I can still provide some meaningful guidance on how to spend your time while in school in order to position yourself for a successful career campaign in the GIS software development world. Plus, college is a lousy place to learn this stuff.

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This is my first post in a series on Spatial Careers. Combine this with their affinity for instant gratification and their penchant for taking risks, and you've got a generation that's daring enough to shake things up.

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Typically adventurous and fast-paced, Millennials are constantly exploring new ideas and opportunities - and they carry this enthusiasm into their professional life, often free short essays about education to a non-linear career path. Before ditching your high-paying job for something a bit more modest, do an analysis of your current lifestyle. Can you learn new technologies quickly?

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If after diving into their chosen career they find it doesn't offer the excitement and passion they anticipated, they're more likely to consider switching career paths all together.

Use these questions as a guide to make your final decision, but remember, the process is different for everyone.

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Instead, talk to your boss about simple changes that could make your job more satisfying. Same goes for GIS professors. If change is in your future, consider the following tips before jumping ship.

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