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If you are using a dump load you do not need a charge controller on the solar array.

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But the solar panel you have will not put back the power you used in a single day. Your dump load diversion load controller or solid state relay must be sized large enough to handle the full wattage of your dump load.

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It has nothing to do with the charging capacity of the solar modules, wind turbine or water turbine. When the batteries are full, the dump controller will use PWM to thesis the 17 amps but it can only do this by turning the dump load full on and full off.

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Something like the Tristar 45 inverter be perfect for this example. Solar on Triangular Roof Spaces Rectangular roofs have the most room for solar panels but other shapes, like this cottage style garage roof with its triangular roof spaces, can still provide plenty of room toe for a solar array.

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