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Krashen stresses yet again that speaking in the target language does not result in language acquisition. If language models and teachers provide enough comprehensible input, then the structures that acquirers are ready to learn will be present in that input.

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In sheltered instruction classes, the focus is on the meaning, and not the form. Applications in language teaching[ edit ] Krashen designed two levels: It is important for teachers to always review and recycle language and give students multiple opportunities for acquisition following their own individual natural order.

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Although speaking can indirectly assist in language acquisition, the ability to speak is not the cause of language learning or acquisition. There is often a small portion of grammar, punctuation, and spelling that even the most proficient native speakers may not acquire.

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According to this hypothesis, teachers should be aware that certain structures of a language are easier to acquire than others and therefore how start essay structures should be taught in an define natural order hypothesis that is conducive to learning. Assuming that language is acquired rather than learned, it is more effective to place ELLs in authentic language use situations, rather than teach them directly the rules of language in a decontextualized way.

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Krashen states that this is often the product of formal language instruction. Corollaries of the input hypothesis[ edit ] Talking output is not practicing.

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The teacher should slow down and speak clearly and slowly, using short sentences and clauses.