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Synthesis of 3 hydroxy acetophenone

Example 10 Continuous flow reduction of m-nitro acetophenone was carried out in a silicone tube 4.

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Another objective of the present invention is to provide a continuous two step flow synthesis of m-Amino Acetophenone. In view of the circumstances, the present inventors have made extensive studies to develop a process for producing m-hydroxyacetophenone in a high overall yield and in an industrially advantageous way, and have resultantly attained the present invention.

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A process according to claim 6, wherein the organic solvent is a ketone, an aromatic hydrocarbon, an ether, a halohydrocarbon, an aliphatic hydrocarbon or a mixture of two or more thereof. A process according to claim 13, wherein the mineral acid is present in a concentration of 0. The OAO methyl isobutyl ketone solution thus obtained was distilled under reduced synthesis of 3 hydroxy acetophenone.

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Description Cite a dissertation invention relates to a process for producing m-hydroxyacetophenone. Claims 23 What is claimed is: The continuous method of conversion of acetophenones to amino substituted acetophenones using tubular reactor according to claim 1, wherein the ratio of acetophenone to sulfuric acid can be 1: Reduction of m-nitro acetophenone was achieved by mixing of m-nitroacetophenone with a solution of reducing agent in ethanol, which leads to the formation of m-amino acetophenone.

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The APCA to be used in the reaction should not necessarily be of high purity and may contain or be contaminated with compounds which are inert to hydrogen peroxide. The reaction may be carried out while the acetone formed in the reaction and the solvent used are being distilled off.

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A process according to claim 1, wherein the reaction of m- 2-hydroxypropyl acetophenone with hydrogen peroxide is carried out in an organic solvent which is inert to hydrogen peroxide.