Benzoyl thiourea synthesis Journal of Chemistry

Benzoyl thiourea synthesis, preparation of thiourea

The proposed structures given in Scheme 1 are consistent with the analytical and spectroscopic data.

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Acetone and dichloromethane used without further purification. The C8—N2 and C7—N1 bonds also indicate a partial double bound character. The thiourea moiety is almost perpendicular to the phenyl ring plane with an angle of Molecular structure of HL1.

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Abstract New benzoyl thiourea derivatives and their nickel and copper complexes were synthesized. Only four of the synthesized compounds were suitable for X-ray single crystal diffraction.

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Therefore, new thiourea derivatives and their structures have received attention of several research groups because of their complexation capacity [ 2 — 5 ]. The molecules of compounds HL1 and HL4 are effectively nonplanar, as shown by the values of the N1—C7—C1—C6 torsion synthesis, respectively, Table 2 ; this synthesis defines the rotation of the aryl ring relative to the rest of the molecule.

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All the other bond lengths fall within the expected ranges [ 34 ]. All IR spectra of metallic complexes are practically similar.

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All this thioureas are in agreement with the literature [ 1112212224 — 28 ]. The solid product was washed with water and purified by recrystallization from an ethanol: Synthesis of the ligands. A metal acetate solution in methanol was added dropwise to penile prosthesis replacement ligand in a 1: Four of the synthesized compounds are analyzed by X-ray single crystal diffraction technique.

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The 1H NMR spectrum of ligands exhibited broad signals at 8. General Procedure for the Synthesis of Metal Complexes The metal complexes were prepared according to a described method [ 21 — 23 ].

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Crystal and molecular structures of three synthesized ligands and one metal complex were analyzed by X-ray single crystal diffraction method. Some derivatives are biologically active, such as antifungal [ 67 ], antitumour [ 8 — 10 ], antiviral, antibacterial [ 11 — 13 ], pharmacological [ 14 ], herbicidal, and insecticidal properties [ 11 — 13 ].

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