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Dystopia is a society characterized by human misery, squalor, oppression, etc.

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Review of Book and Firm Version In A Clockwork Orange, Alex, the narrator and the main character, tells the story of his teenage years, starting at fifteen. The new "good" Alex that is released unto the world is depressed, frustrated, and lonely, although no longer violent. The main character, Alex DeLarge, is a sociopath who likes listening to Beethoven and is fascinated with raping women, amongst other things he is also the leader of the gang, which consists of Dim, Georgie and Pete.

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His clockwork orange conflicts are between him and the members of his gang. Remote sensing dissertation topics these themes were evident throughout the book, they were only once mentioned in the film, by a minor character who appears only once. Alex's story shows what happens when an individual's right to choose is robbed for the good of society.

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Need a custom research paper on A Clockwork Orange? A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrickbased on the novel by Anthony Burgess, illustrates what happens research different types of psychological therapy are used to treat violent behavior.

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From there, Alex travels to State Jail 84F to serv The real difference that first strikes one between these two reviews, is the use of the register in the two pieces and the paper different tone that categorises and appeals to the two audiences.

The violent and rebellious behavior is a result of free will, but without the presence of evil, there would be nothing for humanity to choose.

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His longing for power leads to his downfall and horrific rehabilitation. Alex DeLarge is betrayed by his friends while at a burglary ending up in prison on a fourteen-year sentence for murder and rape.

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