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Photosynthesis lab 4, objectives

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For example, take all of the carotene bands, soak them in a small amount of the solvent, then put the solvent in a test tube and run an absorption spectrum on that particular pigment. Then that one had some erratic points.

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And carotenes and xanthophylls are accessory pigments that make up the rest of the photosynthesis lab. Which pigment migrated the furthest and why? As Doug pointed out, when you get to the longer red photosynthesises lab you lose some accuracy.

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There are three types: Hold the boiling tube in front of your overhead projector. The data you collect with the colorimeter will be as if not more accurate than the full-blown spectrophotometer.

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Last year I had a great deal of money to start the AP Biology course and I liked the versatility of the Vernier product line. Normally, these electrons are passed to a cytochrome-containing electron transport chain.

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It is not necessary to be 'very exact'—the setting could be nm or nm but, again, it just makes things easier if you make an effort anti synthesis definition set it at the best wavelength when you begin.

Putting the chlorophyll in front of the overhead or any other strong white light will also work, but the effect is not as striking as the black-light version.

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Soak the spinach in cool water under a light for a few hours. I just know a student is going to ask me this. Don't let the spinach get hot.

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Since I followed the directions exactly for producing a chloroplast solution and knowing my Spec 20s work properly, I am left to wonder about DPIP. Next, we put the cuvettes in the test tube rack and turned on the light.

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Chilling makes them last a little longer. Next a spinach leave was placed on the strip of paper and rolled over with a quarter on top of the pencil line.

The biggest problem with preparation is over blending.