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The aim of textual interpretation is to make sense of a novel, play, essay, religious document or other text by laying bare the beliefs, intentions, connections and context that comprise their meaning. With respect to social inquiry, mechanisms can be divided into individual-level and social-level kinds.

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It involves the institutional disposition of the full resources of a society; in particular, its human resources. The Social Site synthesis of Politics.

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Hence a variant of postmodernism is known as social constructionism. Emphasis is on raising consciousness of diversity and using critical thinking with respect to stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

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The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology. By implying that there cannot be any further or continuous modernization, it rules out the concept of evolutionary political modernization.

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That the social world is a meaningful world created by self-interpreting beings, as the interpretive school holds, is undeniable. The process is activated by international, or intersocietal, communication.

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Riesman, David The Lonely Crowd: Those who want to move up are, in rapidly swelling numbers, moving out. When political scientists, for instance, describe societies as developed, developing or undeveloped, such classification necessarily implies a moral and political hierarchy among nations, with the wealthy, capitalist societies invariably winding up on top.

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Alchemies of the Mind. Topics include how innovation affects labor markets, the value of information, and the role of technological change in the economy.

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All the once-imperial nations of western Europe are involved—Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even Portugal. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses:

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