Photosynthesis chromatography lab hypothesis Chromatography Lab Answers

Photosynthesis chromatography lab hypothesis, plant pigments and photosynthesis

Synthesis of amine derivatives

Carotenoids are a type of accessory pigment that absorb blue and blue-green light. If this lipid soluble solvent is present, as opposed to the water soluble solvent, then the lipid soluble pigments will move up the chromatography paper instead of the water soluble pigments.

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The rate of migration on a chromatogram is the Rf value. What kind of chlorophyll does the reaction center contain? Some autotrophic organisms include plants, algae, and blue-green bacteria.

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Chlorophyll b passes its exited electrons to chlorophyll a, which passes its excited electrons to other molecules, which store the energy as chemical potential energy.

In lab 4b the spectrophotometer measured the light transmittance through the various cuvettes and the chloroplast solutions in each.

Cold temperature effects on photosynthesis

Why do leaves change color in autumn?