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Predictions should include both an independent variable the factor you change in an experiment and a dependent variable the factor you observe or measure in an experiment.

Scientific speculation involves saying things like "What would happen if you assumed that Euclid's Fifth postulate was wrong?

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They had predicted it. You see, scientists will not argue a case if they do not believe it whole-heartedly, and they will not bother to argue a case if everybody agrees with it.

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You can find this page online at: Balmer used his formula to predict an extra line which turned out to be there, while the Bode pattern predicted a planet where Uranus was found, and another planet where the asteroid belt was found, which is why even today, people speculate that there may be some deeper meaning behind the pattern which gave us "Bode's Law". And who would choose a turnip over an orange?

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Most frauds are done for "good scientific reasons", because the fraud feels that the principle he is trying to demonstrate is more important than a mere "scientific method". Well, for one point, they're all very smart.

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Both bronze and brass look more like gold than the original copper so it is no wonder they believed it was just a matter of finding the right "stone", in order to make gold from base metals.