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Spectral morphing synthesis, twist 2.3 spectral morphing synthesizer

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Any and all attributes can be removed or re-assigned as your sound collection grows. The harmonic width and content for each layer can also be specified. In addition, the stereo delay allows either the Left or Right channel—or both—to be synchronized to beat values of the current tempo, tying your sound, song, and effects together. Move to the Music Onboard pro-grade chorus and reverb effects breathe new life into your sounds.

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Simply adjusting a parameter and then touching an external MIDI control creates a link between the two. Pattern presets can also be saved, recalled, and quickly modified on demand.

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Each one can be endlessly tweaked and modified to rapidly build your customized Twist 2 sound collection. Bend the remarkable power of Spectral Morphing Synthesis to your will and wrap yourself around the mysteries revealed in Twist 2.

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LFO depth, rate, and spectral synthesis can be defined per step. Two swirling sound layers provide unique harmonic controls, forming the foundation for every patch.

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The onscreen interface is clean and uncluttered; the well-defined controls deliver incredible sound-sculpting abilities, while providing immediate audio results. So get started now!

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The harmonic width and content for each sample harvard transfer essays can also be specified.