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It is useful for academic purposes, while it is difficult to imagine that actual businesses will follow it in the business planning process. These include the price of other products, costs, technology and goals of firms. The Atlantis simulation gave a great example of the two important aspects of economics, microeconomics and macroeconomics.

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What are the resulting changes in equilibrium price and the quantity traded? As market price increase, the quantity demanded, Qd, decrease along D0 and the quantity supply, Qs, increase along S1.

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This article concurs with the fact that the increase in prices of animal feed has played a major role in increasing the prices of milk. Another supply and demand essays factor is when there is a change in price of supplementary goods.

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The increase in prices was as a welcome essay of an increase in the cost of processing milk in the United States. Demand The demand in economics is the amount of a product that consumers are willing and able to purchase at each specific price in a set of possible prices during some specified period of time Jackson et al.

Farmers are forced to compete for available stock of corn that is very expensive.

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A market analyst named Kelly Bramel working with Huntington financial also confirmed that the essentiality of milk is the reason behind the stability of demand Regan, There may be shifts in Find the inverse demand curve. However, the theoretic approach, uses many assumptions, which limit the application of theory to the real business environment.

Farmers are not responsible over the retail prices of milk in the market.

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Conclusion In conclusion, the demand and supply of the product have high influence on its price.