Color affect photosynthesis The Effect of Wavelength on Photosynthesis Rate

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We ran three trails for each different leaf we used. The plant does not absorb the green light so does not use it to grow.

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We hypothesized that photosynthesis was affected by the light absorption rate. I will also compare my results with my prediction to see color affect photosynthesis they match and why. I will write a conclusion in this I will state the patterns and trends from my results.

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Adequate Lighting and Plant Growth If a plant soil pollution essay in english not receive adequate light it will attempt to reach the light by growing taller. Carotenoids, such as xanthophylls and carotenes, help plants use some of the green wavelengths that chlorophyll cannot absorb. Chlorophyll b is also green and absorbs approximately the same wavelengths as chlorophyll a.

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One of the professors at UCSB told his little sister to do a science fair project, growing plants under different colors of cellophane sheets. Light absorption by chlorophyll a and thus, the efficiency of photosynthesis, peak at about nanometers and nanometers. An absolutely dark room is essential and the use of white light as a control for the experiment is needed get free white light is also a part of the spectrum of variants and serves for a control element in the experiment.

This means that there are restrictions on the efficiency of photosynthesis such that photosynthesis is much less efficient in the green range of visible light.

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