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An increase of Theta-E in low levels of atmosphere increases atmospheric instability. A zonal wind with a constant wind speed in the upper troposphere in the middle latitudes is an example of a geostrophic wind. The lack of wind shear results in the storm weakening quickly since the downdraft cut-offs and chokes the updraft.

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Sometimes shows wind direction and trajectory only. Deformation zones or forecast of deformation as they are sometimes referred to can produce clouds and precipitation.

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They are responsible for running and disseminating the forecast models. This is in reference to dynamic lifting such as common college essay cliches either low level convergence or upper level divergence. Usually in reference to a low essay weather intensifying.

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The lifting that forms stratiform clouds is dynamic slow rising air. Typically in the mid-latitude, troughs and ridges move west to east.

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They often do not produce precipitation since the air is very dry at the surface. It is in reference to a process that causes a precipitation or storm event and without this process precipitation or storms would not have occurred. Air with a low RH will have a high vapor deficit.

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A large cluster of thunderstorms and rain. High lapse rates are indicative a strong cooling with height and this can lead to instability.

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A wave of higher heights is a longwave ridge and a wave of lower heights is a longwave trough. Strong upper level winds move moisture downwind on each side of the storm, producing a V shape.

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Provide Complete Weather Statistics For writing a weather report, you need to provide an overall view of the weather condition of your area.