Batson 1981 empathy altruism hypothesis Batson_The Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis

Batson 1981 empathy altruism hypothesis, c. daniel batson

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Finally, whether your motivations stem from an argumentative essays on technology and pure selflessness, being altruistic to others in need is always a good thing. The apa style thesis confirmed the empathy-altruism hypothesis: Participants were informed that the purpose of the study was to gauge task performance under adverse conditions. Emotion, 8 6 Evidence[ edit ] Debate over whether other-helping behavior is motivated by self- or other interest has raged over the last 20 years.

Empathy triggers the fear of social punishment which can be avoided by helping.

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My already alluded to question for further research regards the possible plurality of motivational factors. Elaine insisted she would continue.


Further, only two experiments were conducted. The experiment involved clever manipulations with operationalized variables.

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In fact, Batson himself notes the antiquity of the question in a later article Batson, Participants then watched Elaine over a close-circuit TV in fact a pre-recorded video. Participants were students in an introductory psychology class at university. Participants were asked if they would be willing to help Elaine by taking her place.