Ap bio photosynthesis lab write up ap bio-do lab write up

Ap bio photosynthesis lab write up

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Collect leaf disks by punching holes in the dark green portion of a leaf try to get them between the veins. After fixing the oxygen in our baseline water sample with the first step we then did the second step which is the titration.

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We replaced the cap and swirled the solution to mix it the presence of the starch indicator solution free iodine turned the solution blue. Keeping track of the amount of thiosulfate added to the water sample revealed the amount of DO in the pond water.

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Chlorophylls contain oxygen andnitrogen and are bound more tightly to the paper than the other pigments. Like psychology scholarship essay enzyme-driven reactions, the rate of photosynthesis can be measured by either the disappearance of substrate, or the accumulation of products. Using foil paper, cover the walls and bottom of cuvette 2. Replace cuvette 3 into the incubation test tube rack.

Insert it into the spectrophotometer's sample holder, read the percentagetransmittance, and record it in Table 4.

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The pigments collect light energy and send it to the reaction center. The spongy mesophyll layer is normally infused with gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide. As photosynthesis proceeds, oxygen accumulates in the air spaces of the spongy mesophyll.

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AP Biology Lab Four: Take and record additional readings at 5, 10, and 15 minutes. So distinguishing net and gross primary productivity from each other is necessary.

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We added one drop of thiosulfate in intervals swirling it after each drop until our solution turned a pale yellow color almost like the color of a post-it note, then we stopped and read the amount of sodium thiosulfate we used in mL and recorded.