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Figure 17 BleomycinStructure of Bleomycin A2, an anti-cancer antibiotic. These radicals cleave the DNA chain.

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Each of these syntheses of molecules has a different structure and interacts with DNA in a different way. Acridines Figure 3 Amsacrine and proflavineStructures of the acridines amsacrine and proflavine, which intercalate between DNA base pairs.

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Figure 18 NeocarzinostatinStructure of neocarzinostatin, the first enediyne antitumour synthesis. Figure 15 The difference between cisplatin ptsd thesis trans-platinCisplatin forms intra-strand cross-links, while trans-platin forms inter-strand cross-links, which are more readily repaired.

Figure 2 Distamycin DNA dissertation format template from the three-dimensional structure of a complex between distamycin orange and a DNA duplex, showing the binding of distamycin in the minor groove.

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Proflavine contains amino groups that interact ionically with the negatively charged phosphates groups on DNA, whilst the aromatic ring system intercalates. Esperamicins and calichemicins The esperamicins reflective essaya calichemicins are similar to neocarzinostatin, having a bicyclo [7.

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Figure 7 Nucleophilicity of adenine and guanineThe N 7 atom of guanine and the N 3 atom of adenine are nucleophilic and are exposed in the grooves of the DNA duplex. The cis configuration leads to intra-strand cross-links, causing unwinding of the helix, preventing transcription and leading to cell death.

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However, such compounds are not sufficiently water soluble for intravenous administration. The master thesis 2018 isomer, trans-platin, is not an active anti-cancer agent, probably because it cannot readily form intra-strand cross-links.

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Neocarzinostatin The first of the enediyne antitumour agents, neocarzinostatin Figure 18was isolated in The main classes of DNA binding molecules are: Anthracyclines Doxorubicin adriamycin and daunorubicin daunomycinisolated from Streptomyces strains, are important examples of anthracycline antitumour antibiotics.

Neocarzinostatin contains an active naphthoate ester which intercalates in DNA, positioning the diyne in the minor groove.