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Development has to be a need-oriented and self-reliant process.

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Administrative systems and machinery capacities should be reinforced and built up to implement the programmes and policies in the most optimum way. The residual claimants on silver production were many and varied. This map now shows which other country was the colonial power that ruled over another country.

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Equally, if not more important, Mexico now entered the railroad age innearly forty years after the first tracks were laid in Cuba in The countries that have democratized first are mostly those countries that first achieved economic growth. The results of this historical project have been highly uneven: March Short-termism[ edit ] Democracy is also criticised for frequent elections due to the instability of coalition governments.

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It looks to formulate strategies to develop administrative capacities viz-a-viz external environment as well as building activating internal structures in order to speed up socio-economic change.

If they did nothing else, the Bourbons proved to be expert tax collectors.

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