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When frogs started dying in big numbers in Australia and Central America in the mids, scientists discovered the fungus was to blame.

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But then the male spotted frog was killed by the deadly spreading fungus of Chytridiomycosis. Although this is the popular belief for the majority of the public, many philosophers say this is not the case.


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The bald eagle has been our symbol since and it is disappearing because we are destroying their habitats by building houses and strip malls. Only six including Navajo, for exampleare spoken by more thanpeople. Sometimes it is asked why we should preserve wildlife and conserve forests when we ourselves need more land for agriculture, housing and industries.

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Only we have the power to change their fate. Finally, they intentionally infected rabbits in the most populated areas. In my opinion that is quite a long time for a frog to live.

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Scientists believe the vanishing animal essay came from African clawed frogs. While the term in popular culture usually refers to animals The earth is home for everyone on it. Unfortunately, this becomes burden for companies who offer retirees pension plan.

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In my opinion that is quite a long time for a frog to live. Animals add to the natural beauty of the earth.

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