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However, most facilities currently have no standard, mandated yearly training for employees on confidentiality. Providers and employees examples of thesis proposal outlines how confidentiality should be maintained but choose not to act, and this situation needs to change in order for the transition to a mostly or fully electronic record system to be successful.

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For the implementation of EHRs to be successful, patients need reassurance from their providers that their information is safe and confidential.

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From these results, five articles were selected on the basis of their relevance to this topic. Through increased initiatives in the training of healthcare employees, patients can be afforded confidence in the confidentiality of information.

These skills were broken into three categories: The five articles that discuss confidentiality training among employees had a common theme of the need for more education or continuing education.

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This study shows that de-identification may help in the area of patient confidentiality. The Importance of Being Earnest.

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Variables that intervened in the relationship between restructuring and well-being were physical demands, job control, communication, provision of information, training, procedural justice, job insecurity and change acceptance. New Challenges for the Clinician-Patient Relationship.

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These criteria narrowed the results to peer-reviewed articles. These basic skills were identified as an important educational tool for maintaining confidentiality. The evidence in these studies indicates a need to provide universal education for healthcare employees with annual training to improve the confidentiality of EHRs and to reduce complacency or lack of knowledge.

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