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Good design solves the right problem. What have other people learned about design? The only style worth having is the one you can't help.

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In Wright's early plans for the Guggenheimthe right half was a ziggurat; he inverted it to get the present shape.

Actually, it is little known, even among physicists, but extremely interesting how Einstein came to this position.

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In biology, knowledge of structure often leads to knowledge of function—one need look no further than the whole of medical history. What does he think "great artist" means?

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Both of them are better at tennis than they realize, and both take responsibility for a bad serve. The preservation of the primeval qualities does not relate to the mere protection of material objects. I remain unconcerned that my safe, middle-class life as a stay at home mom makes me less edgy or interesting.

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It's a 'guess-who' game: Entering his seventh decade of active involvement, he remains as much a crusader. His wet towel on the bed?

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Problems can be improved as well as solutions. Supreme Court Justice William O.

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Who knows what interesting fissures in their worldview the humility of housework would have caused?