The pearl john steinbeck book review essay The Pearl by John Steinbeck online

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Kino gets the pearl and believes to have all reasons live a happy life, but he ends up living a miserable life.

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Kino, Juana, and Coyotito leave their village and head toward Loreto. Violence Thieves attack and try to rob Kino a number of times in The Pearl, and he strikes back violently.

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The priest arrives at Kino and Juana's hut and tells Kino that he needs to give thanks for finding the pearl. Therefore, people should always be contented with what have and appreciate the importance of everything in their lives.

The trackers think that they synthesis essay ideas something when they hear Coyotito crying, but decide that it is merely a coyote pup.

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Kino arrives at the shore and finds his canoe destroyed by vandals. Regrettably, Kino begins to understand that money cannot afford happiness, but it was too late.

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