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In the food chain above the energy enters the system as light energy, during photosynthesis it gets converted to stored chemical energy glucose. In the cell more enzymes join the 3-carbon fragments with another 3-carbon fragment, and voila!

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This first law is often called the law of conservation of energy. No new energy is created it is just passed along. The electrons and hydrogen ions are used, and some of the oxygen may get used for respirationbut a lot of them just go back out to the atmosphere where you and I may breath them with our very own gas exchange systems.

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Apparantly, the little green specks you see when you look at stacks of thylakoids through a microscope, reminded someone of "grains" of something. For the most part, they just go out!

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Evolutionarily, cyanobacteria's ability to survive in oxygenic conditions, which are considered toxic to most anaerobic bacteria, might have given the bacteria an adaptive advantage which could have allowed the cyanobacteria to populate more efficiently. The hydrogen ions go zipping out of the thylakoid space, flowing through special channels in the membrane.

Photoheterotrophs produce ATP through photophosphorylation but use environmentally obtained law photosynthesis compounds to build structures and other bio-molecules.

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There is a special enzyme molecule with the specific job of breaking apart water molecules. This space is often referred to as the hydrogen reservoir because it is a reservoir for hydrogen ions - nice and straight forward, eh?

They link up with another oxygen molecule to form O2, then they flow back out to the air from law photosynthesis they came.

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Submit Tips For Editing We welcome suggested improvements to thesis in enviromental economics of our articles. Cyanobacteria, which are prokaryotic organisms which carry out oxygenic photosynthesis, occupy many environmental conditions, including fresh water, seas, soiland lichen.


A stack of thylakoids is called a granum. Darn sight easier to remember than thylakoid space. The next step for the half-glucose molecules is to pass through the chloroplasts outer membrane into the cell. Energy is neither created or destroyed.

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