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The elm is confident and even arrogant. O chapter three thesis fruit, ivory, fine timbers! Plath could not take living in Devon so she found a flat in London and moved there with her children in December. Once again, an elephant is killed for its prized ivory tusks which are valued and esteemed.

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For her, the world has shrunk until it is unbearably claustrophobic. Her primary concern is not for herself, however, but for her children.

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She start discursive essay abortion gives an image that provides the reader a view of how Plath physically viewed her father and chose a man that she states reminds her of him: It is hard to decide whether Plath is ending on a positive note, declaring that she will be able to release her thoughts safely, or hinting at the temporary nature of our bodies and alerting the reader to her self-destructive impulses.

The bleak setting of Azalea Path, a "poorhouse, where the dead crowd foot to foot, head to head," is the place her father resides underneath a "speckled stone askew by an iron fence" underneath "six feet of yellow gravel". The mirror is the only eye of this little God, but it is certainly a form of metonymy.

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Despite what seemed to be crippling bouts of depression, she produced poetry of startling originality, taking tired concepts and investing them with the life she could not create for herself.