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Stubberd substitutes all the curse words with letters, to the annoyance of the court.

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The belief that fate is to blame is a tool of the past, of the superstitious farmers such as the townspeople. You use your mind instead of your heart sometimes.

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When Michael believes that fate is destroying him, his problems continue. Thank you so mayor After she gets married, though, she starts to feel sorry for her stepfather.

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The young lady was head over heels in love with him and didn't hide it, and everyone assumed they'd been sleeping together. This town, located only a few miles from his birthplace of Times union essay contest Bockhampton, was long important to Hardy--he attended school there in his youth, and later he was apprenticed as a young architect there. So he suggests that Susan live in Casterbridge and call herself the widow Mrs.

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That one piece that brings you joy everyday essay that it will be with you indefinitely. Yet it is not completely the whims of fate that bring the characters to their help.

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Hardy had long wanted to write a novel that combined his love of history with his love of Dorsetshire. The article about the wife-sale provided him with a spectacular situation for his characters.

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He asks about Elizabeth-Jane. He offers to sell his wife and daughter to the highest bidder.

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Turns out, that young woman is the one who was in love with Henchard before!