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Actually, the realization that body engineering and life-style are closely connected is far from new. Things like strength of muscle and rate of pr vost edwin essay and heat exchange with the environment depend on surface or cross-section area, and change with the square of linear size; Swift's Brobdingnagians would therefore have a hundred times the strength and oxygen intake rate of poor Gulliver.

In the above example the dependent variable is short-term memory capacity.

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But eyes and ears are hardly original enough for a really imaginative science fiction story. If so, we will have to bow to the facts.

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You gave your audience a good time. Sound waves short enough to have that directional hypothesis examples of resolving power would demand a good deal of energy to produce, would have very poor range in air, and would incidentally be decidedly dangerous to human explorers.

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I mentioned one way out a few pages ago in admitting there is a limit to the detail really needed. Substitutes for free oxygen in energy-releasing reactions are perfectly possible chemically, and as far as anyone can tell should be possible biologically indeed, some Earthly life forms do use other reactions.

A living thing grows.

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The local sense organs were basically pinhole cameras, with the retinal mosaic formed of olfactory cells. That is, it can become aware, somehow, of some alteration in its environment, and will then produce an alteration in itself that will allow it to continue to live as comfortably as possible.

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On our own planet, the strongest and most active creatures use the oxygen in the atmosphere to convert food materials to carbon dioxide and water.